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SPIROsol Tank for Fire Brigade, Bailleul, France


When something catches fire you need water to extinguish it. However water is not always available. A water storage would be very helpful in that case. In Bailleul, France, a SPIROsol tank has been installed to stock water for the fire brigade at a commercial area near a Decathlon and Quick restaurant. The tank has some special features in order to be used for this purpose. The diameter of the corrugated galvanised steel tank is 2500mm. The total length is 25m. It consists of 2 pieces of 12.5m which are joined together by means of flanges. Instead of using couplers flanges assure a water tight connection. A sealing has been put in the lock seam. The inlet has been prepared for a float valve and beside manholes an outlet with sieve and fire coupler has been installed. SPIROsol pipes are being used for many years all around the world. They are made from durable materials, they are low weight, they are maintenance free and operate problem free for many years. To learn more about our full range of SPIROsol products, please contact us.