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Permanent or temporary culverts


The widely known SPIROsol helically corrugated steel pipes have been in trouble-free use for over 100 years. The pipes are light weight and can be installed quickly and easily.


SPIROsol is used for permanent or temporary culverts. They are supplied in diameters ranging from Ø300 through Ø2500mm in lengths till 12m. The most common diameters are carried in stock. They can be coupled by means of a SPIfix coupler. Because of the light, flexible constructions, no foundation is needed and simple ground consolidation is sufficient.


SPIROsol pipes are made out of galvanised steel, but can also be provided with one of the following coatings: Plastisol, Trenchcoat® or Duflex 240. Standard fittings such as bevelled ends, slopes, flanges, manholes, elbows and saddle branches are offered for the full range of pipe sizes to meet basic design criteria. To know more about our products please contact us and we are happy to help you.