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The widely known SPIROsol helically corrugated steel pipes have been in trouble-free use for over 100 years. The pipes are light weight and can be installed quickly and easily.


SPIROsol Mini-Bridges are being used instead of a wooden or concrete bridges. Because of the light, flexible construction, no foundation is needed and simple ground consolidation is sufficient. It can be put on a concrete footing or on a steel corrugated footing.


First advantages is the quick installation of the mini-bridge. They can be supplied in long lengths. Secondly the flow does not have to be disturbed as when you use a pipe. The mini-bridge is installed over the flow. A big crane is also not needed as the construction is light-weight.


SPIROsol mini-bridges are made out of galvanised steel, but can also be provided with a Duflex 240 coating. Standard fittings such as steel footings for installation on solid ground or footings to put on a concrete foundation can also be supplied.

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