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Due to the fact that The Netherlands lies at the end of a few important European rivers, The Netherlands is a country rich in water. To live alongside all this water is a part of life for the Dutch. Therefore you may say that the Dutch know what they are talking about when water is involved. Bergschenhoek Civiele Techniek B.V. (BCT) is a Dutch manufacturer of corrugated steel pipes, which are used as culvert, storm water tank, mini-bridge and so on, and affiliated products.

Member of Bergschenhoek Group

BCT is a member of the Bergschenhoek Group of companies. The group consists of companies involved in ventilation, air treatment systems, air inlets, flue gas outlets, culverts and water control products. The companies within the group are at least market leaders in The Netherlands in their field.


The history of the Group dates back to as far as 1956. In 1980 its activities in the field of water management started and resulted in the company BCT. In 1993 it became the owner of the machine that manufactures the SPIROsol corrugated steel pipes. BCT is market leader in The Netherlands for corrugated steel pipes and structures and holds strong positions in other European countries.


BCT is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with its own production of corrugated steel pipes. BCT manufactures SPIROsol corrugated steel pipes, used for as culverts, storm water tanks, mini-bridges, half pipes and tunnels.

Beside the excellent quality of our products BCT offers a high level of service.


An extensive network of distributors offers a high quality network in Europe. Depending on the product of your interest please contact us so we can direct you to the right distributor.


   Bergschenhoek Civiele Techniek B.V.

   Boterdorpseweg 10
   2661 AC Bergschenhoek


   Postbus 45
   2650 AA Berkel en Rodenrijs


   T: 010-5242650
   E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.